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Why should I choose a Buyers Agent?

Here’s why choosing a Buyers Agent is in your best interest.

  • A Buyers Agent will attempt to negotiate a lower price and terms to benefit the buyer. The listing agent has made a commitment to the seller and their objective is to sell the house at the highest possible price. By working with a Buyers Agent who has made the commitment to you, the buyer, you could potentially save thousand of dollars.
  • A Buyers Agent will keep your needs and best interests foremost, before, during and after the transaction.
  • A Buyers Agent will maintain confidentiality of the buyers top price and personal motives.
  • A Buyers Agent can provide an unbiased analysis of the property strengths and weaknesses.

Why not just call the Listing Agent?

It just makes sense. Who would you rather have negotiating the purchase of your home? Someone who has already made a commitment to work for the seller and his or her best interests – or someone who will make the commitment to work for you and your best interests. The same can apply to someone selling their home on their own. They have no rules or regulations to abide by. Their interests are strictly their own. Often, they will work with Realtors representing qualified buyers and more often than not, their homes are sold by professionals like myself.

What else does a Buyers Agent do?

Buyers Agents are not all cut from the same clothe. I try to go above and beyond with every client. My buyer services include not only helping you find a home, but arranging for home inspectors, real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, insurance and much more. I am there for you before, during and after the process. My services are about building relationships, so your satisfaction is my priority!

Should I sign a Buyers Agency Agreement?

Entering into a Buyers Agency Agreement, as scary as that may sound to some, is really just a way to put in writing who is working for whom. This Agreement legally binds the Realtor to protect your best interests in the transaction. A Buyers Agency Agreement makes you a Client. As a Realtor, I have strict fiduciary duties to abide by in order to protect my Clients.

Should I get pre-qualified?

Getting pre-qualified is key before you even look at homes. You may find a glitch on your credit record that may delay your hunt for a home for a few months, or you may find you are qualified for much more than you expected. Being pro-active at this stage and making sure you are prepared cannot be stressed enough. It is a simple process, but requires the attention of a reputable professional. Some lenders do not qualify buyers properly before sending them out looking. I can help by recommending several excellent professionals if you have any doubts.

Do I need a lawyer?

A lawyer is required to close a real estate sale. A lawyer will search title and make sure it is free and clear of all liens and encumbrances before the transaction is closed. A lawyer will also make sure all permits with the municipality are closed and that all taxes and utilities owing on the home by the previous owners are square before closing. Contact me for complete details on your lawyers role in the purchase of a home.

Do I need a home inspector?

I’ve been selling homes since 2003 and I have been present at many home inspections in my career. Sometimes very little comes up, and sometimes serious problems are discovered. Even recently, I have personally used a home inspector. A reputable, insured inspector with a background in construction trades is essential. Some individuals have their own extensive knowledge and choose not to have an inspector, but as a Buyers Agent, I always recommend one to protect your interests.

What other expenses can I expect when buying a property?

If this is your first home, you may be overwhelmed with the ‘other’ costs associated with purchasing, that are in addition to your down payment. A good rule of thumb is to have 1.5% of the purchase price set aside to cover expenses like lawyer fees, a home inspection, moving expenses and land transfer tax. If you have any questions regarding your expenses and what to expect, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

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